Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply


Upper Lower Assited Flare

This flare tip type uses external steam injection at the top and uses internal steam inductor.


The external steam injection induces around the air to envelopes the flame from outside. The lower steam induces around the air through the pipes across the flare tip from inside. The Lower steam pressure designed to enable the inspiration around the air counter from each pipe resistant and gives sufficient air at the top of tip.


It usually operates as staging control, which both operates simultaneously at the high flow rate waste gas.


As accessories, the lower steam injector covered with plate as a muffler to reduce the noise produced by nozzle.


Advantages :

  • Smokeless and no flame luminousity
  • High destruction efficiency
  • High flame stability
  • Low radiation
  • Reliable for burn aromatics


Standard Materials :

Upper Body

310 SS

Lower Body

304 SS

Steam header

310 SS

Flame Ratainer

310 SS

Wind Shield

310 SS

Nozle and Pipe

310 SS


RFSO #150, 304 SS

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