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Direct Ignition - Flame Front Generator Combination

Some user need more reliable ignition system due to toxic gas stream and imposibility to do maintenance on the fly (running state). Maintenance can only be conducted when the plant is in inactive state (shutted down). In other hand, due to the toxic gas stream the quick action is required when the flame detected out.


The Combination ignition is the most choice as a solution for  the condition above.  Direct Ignition has a quick action advantages but require annual maintenance , though FFG provides a slow action but can be maintained anytime safely. KOBAR FLARE offer a combination of both for a reliable ignition system.


The KF-DI/FFG-270/150 Direct Ignition takes role as main ignition, while FFG as a back-up (manual operation)

Spesification & Utilities

Electrical Enclosure


NEMA4X, MENA7/Eexd (Optional)

Fuel consumption set@8-12 psig

45-55 scfh/pilot (at continous)

120 scfh (during ignition process only), set@8-15 psig

Comp air

1200 scfh (during ignition process only), set@8-20 psig


120v, 230v

24vDC (Optional)

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