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Air Blower Assited Flare

Heavy hydrocarbon combustion has luminous flame and smoke tendency. Waste gas stream in which most component is heavy hydrocarbon need more air for complete combustion. Unburn carbon particle show as black smoke.


This flare tip type gives smoke suppression by low pressure air blow method. Exit waste gas stream mix with air produced by blower at the top of tip. Top of tip designed swirl shape to give homogen waste gas-air mixing. Air quantity calculated considering the waste gas composition and the volume flow to ensure sufficient supply to produce complete combustion.


Complete combustion this waste gas has higher heat content tip, specially upper tip, designed with high temperature resistant material.


Advantages :

  • Smokeless and no flame luminousity
  • High destruction efficiency
  • High flame stability
  • Low radiation


Standard Materials :

Upper Body

310 SS

Lower Body

304 SS

Swirl and Spread

310 SS


RFSO #150, 304 SS

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