Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply

Knowledge base
What is Elevated Flare?
It is Flare system where the position of the said flare is elevated high above the ground, it's look like tower with burning fire on it's tip

What is Ground Flare?
It is the flare system that is intended for ground flaring usage, it can be exactly on the ground enclosed by wall or within the pit

What Is Ignition System?
It is a Component responsible for the Ignition process, it has severals different type such as FFG, Direct Ignition ...

What is FFG ?
FFG is shortened form of Front Flame Generator, It is flame generator which the flame pilot and tip are located on the front line while ....

What is Direct Ignition ?
Commonly shortened as DI, as FFG needs sequence and takes time before it can produces ...