Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply



In some cases a quick act to light on flare is required, meanwhile FFG needs more time on ignition sequence. The direct ignition gives a very quick responses, this kind of Direct Ignition product type equipped with spark generator on it's pilot near to flare tip outlet.


KF-DIRECT IGNITION-250 is manually operated, for the Automatic operation you may consider a KF-DIRECT IGNITION-270.


At automatic ignition, when the flame detector which is positioned near to a pilot flame detects no flame, it will sends a signal to generates spark on pilot. The commonly used Flame detector is thermocouple type K, in diferent cases and application it can be equipped with a flame ionization device, UV and Infrared. Especially for UV and Infrared usage, these equipment placed on reachable ground for maintenance even if the flare is in the operation state.


KF-DI-250 use Manual Operation

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