Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply


Enclosed ground flare is common built at urban area, which no radiation is effecting the surrounding area with very low noise. This equipment is mostly applied at the oil and gas industries, chemical, and landfill gas flaring.


Enclosed ground flare is applied to meet high destuction efficiency, up to 99,99%. This efficency is depend on operating temperature, excess air, and combustion chamber size, Too high operating temperature and more excess air will generate a high NOx emmision, but too low operating temperature will lower the destruction efficiency, also too low quantity of the excess air will generate a CO emmision. The Combustion chamber ia lined with a ceramic fiber blanket to resist the heat transfer from reaching the outside of the chamber surface. the Density and thickness of this ceramic fiber is determined by the operating temperature you expect to use.


On top of the Chamber is completed with a rain hood to protect the ceramic fiber from rain. A Nozzle positioned two feet from top of the chamber as a sampling port to the flue gas. The bottom of the chamber is equipped with a louver, The Louvers is positioned in certain ways using 90 degree spacing, which one of the louvers is hinged as a man hole. Other type of the chamber may equipped with a blower nozzle as a force draft air supply. The Pilot nozzle designed to gives convenient way for the pilot maintenance or a replacement without having to shutting down the flare.


The burner designed as a spreader burner to allow the temperature to be distributed as a whole inside the chamber. This burner is constructed with high temperature material austenit. As a flashback protection, the burner equipped with a flame arrester positioned as near as the burner head.


The pilot number is at least two peaces for a reliable operation. Fuel Gas, if possible can be supplied from waste gas stream or from propane bottle. As the pilot flame detection we encourage the usage of UV or IR since it has a quick response. The Sensor Thermocouple is capable of detecting the flame attending several times faster. it is placed at the combustion chamber to monitor the inside temperature. The temperature is controlled by adjusting the louver opening position

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