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Natural inspirating Flame Front Generator is shortened as NFFG, This type of ignition system is similiar to FFG (Front Flame Generator) in many cases, the difference is that KF-NFFG doesn't require a compressed air. The basic operation is to takes advantage of a high speed fuel gas from nozzle entrains the surrounding air then go through the ignition chamber and finally flowing along the pipe to lits on the pilot.

When the entire inner pipe is fully filled with flammable mixture the spark is generated in the ignition chamber to propagate the flame along the pipe and then lits on the pilot. for more safer operation you could place the spark generator on the safe area.

KF-NFFG-350  is manually operated, for the automatic one please consider KF-NFFG-370


KF-NFFG-350 use manual operation


Spesification and Utilities

Electrical Enclosure


NEMA4X, MENA7/Eexd (Optional)

Fuel consumption set@8-12 psig

45-55 scfh/pilot (at continous)

120 scfh (during ignition process only), set@8-12 psig


120v, 230v

24vDC (Optional)

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