Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply


The main purpose open grund flare type is to handle high flow flaring in case de-pressurization plant or up-set plant condition. The installation need a large area to split the high flow laring gas to severals multi point tip.


With staging iperation, open ground flare stable operation at high turndown ratio. The more advantages are the flame is short, no radiation impact with sufficient wall hight, smokeless operation can be achieved with steam assisted.


The flow from main flare header split to some smaller branch and for each branch making up a small tip. From the main header to each branch equipped with staging arrangement to control the released gas stream.


The staging system work based work based on controlling back pressure and also to maintain the flame stability.

The installation of the ground flare is in the open field and usually placed inside the surrounded mound. Sometimes surrounded by concrete wall or steel wall with thin plate as a radiatio barrier.


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