Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply


Low Pressure Flare

At flow rate flame will be closed to tip and burn ,for this tip designed with high temperature resistance materials. Windshield is equipped to prevent a drawdown flame affected by the wind which could burn the tip body. Unique flame retainer placed to hold flame root at high exit velocity of gas stream. Dynamic seal positioned to prevent the air ingress to flare the header and to ensure that there is no flammable mixture in the flare system.


This type available with many type of pilot ignition systems, flame front generator ignition, electronic ignition, or uses both ignition systems which one as a main and the other as a back-up. To ensure that the flame is presence this type could be equipped with ultra violet or infra red.


Advantages :

  • Low initial cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Flame stability
  • Low noise
  • Wide range gas stream composition application
  • Low pilot fuel gas consumption


Standard Materials :

Upper body

310 SS

Lower body

304 SS

Swirl and spread

310 SS


 RFSO #150, 304 SS

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