Specialist Flare Sytem Design, Construction, And Supply


High Pressure Flare

The high pressure of waste gas source allow higher allowable pressure drop. This high pressure flare tip designed for this purpose with low initial cost


This type has a wide range waste gas flow but limited at allowable back pressure. It is designed  for a sonic exit velocity. The Sonic exit velocity maximize the amount of air to improve combustion by significant degree.


It has many branch of pipes which equipped with a nozzle shape at the end of each pipe as it feature. Nozzle shape designed accordingly by considering  the pressure and the maximum flow.


Advantages :

  • Smokeless with no flame luminousity
  • High destruction efficiency
  • High flame stability
  • Low radiation
  • Small size
  • Low noise


Standard Materials :


310 SS

Pipe arm

304 SS


310 SS


RFSO #150, 304 SS

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