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Liquid Burner KF-OB-xx

This burner applicable for clean up and control of waste onshore-offshore, such as: disposal of offspec product, pipeline condensate, storage terminal, well testing, slop oil & hydrocarbon waste, etc.

This burner consists of three major components: burner head, water spray, and ignition system. The compressed air atomize hydrocarbon liquid to burned in burner head. Automatically and continuous ignition of the combustible atomized mixture under all weather condition, mantain stable combustion at all times. Water spray System inject into the flame area to add combustion air for better flammable mixing and water spray also used as head radiation shield.


Operation for 4 heads burner:


Waste liquid

12.000 BOPD, 500 psi


18.000 BWPD, 350 psi

Compressed air

350 cfm, 100 psi

Fuel Gas

200 sfh 100 psi


  • 304SS burner head construction
  • 3"  sch 80 A106 waste liquid line
  • 3" sch  80 A106 water line
  • 2"  sch 80 A106 compressed air line
  • 1" sch 80 A106 fuel gas line
  • Explosion proof control panel enclosure
  • High energy ignition
  • Hammer union end connection




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