This flare tip equipped with external steam injector at the top of tip. Mass and velocity of exit steam induce around air to flame envelope create complete combustion.

Steam also functioned to reduce combustion temperature. Over quantity of steam will extinguish flame, too high pressure steam will increase back pressure waste gas stream.

Steam quality and quantity determination consider waste gas composition, pressure, and flow rate to meet smokeless operation.

Advantages :

  • Smokeless and no flame luminousity
  • High destruction efficiency
  • High flame stability
  • Low radiation
  • Reliable for burn aromatics gas

Standard Materials :

Upper body   310 SS
Lower body   304 SS
Flame retainer   310 SS
Wind shield   310 SS
Steam manifold   310 SS
Steam nozzle   310 SS
Flange   RFSO #150, 304 SS

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